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Remembering Andrew: Guts Cup - Nutts Cup 2011

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Nutts Cup - Group Shot

It was the most successful year thus far for the annual hockey tournament put on by the Guts Men’s hockey team from Vancouver. This was the second year that there was added meaning to the tournament - we’ve also made it the “Nutts Cup” to remember and honour Drew the way he would have liked it: outdoor hockey, music, beer, and old and new friends.

He would have really loved this year’s tournament - it was held at the Big White Ski Resort outside of Kelowna and over 45 guys came to join in the festivities, including Andrew’s brother John (a member of last year’s winning team - we’re pretty sure Drew had something to do with that!).

The picture (above) was taken shortly before everyone gave a shout out to Drew (”God Bless Netts!”) and then we played the final game, which ended with the Royals taking home the “Andrew Nuttall Memorial Cup” (aka “Guts Cup”, aka “Nutts Cup”) in a hard-fought 1-goal win over the Hearts. Congrats to all the Royals for the big win!

In the end everyone had a blast and it’s sure to be bigger and better next year. It would have been that much greater in Drew could have joined us in body, but I know he was certainly there in spirit and all those who knew him missed him especially while they were up there.

See you next year, Drew.

Remembering Andrew: 1 year ago today…

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It was a year ago today when we lost Andrew. Andy. Drew. Drewfio. Nuttman. Nutts.

It feels like only yesterday.

Since then a lot has happened. Andrew was buried and celebrated a hero. Numerous events and memorials have happened to remember him, but I think we’d all give it back just for another day with him. That’s how special he was to us.

Perhaps it’s best said in the video Ken Anderson, a very good friend of Drew’s put together earlier this year:

Thank you for the great sacrifice you made in order to protect us. You are an inspiration and a hero to all of us.

We love you Drew. We miss you. We will always remember you.

God bless Nutts.

Remembering Andrew: Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day meant more to many of us this year than it ever had. When it hits as close to home as it has for some of us, you really understand why the day is so important for so many people personally, and more generally the amazing respect the country pays to our fallen protectors and the empathy we feel for the sacrifices of those we don’t know but will never forget.

This first Remembrance Day was a tough one for a lot of us but many of us were able to come together in Victoria and pay our respects. See some of the photos here of the Nuttall family visiting some sites with dedications to Drew as well as some of the friends and family that visited the Nuttall house on Remembrance Day and some of the gifts that were given (the surfboard was really amazing - Drew would have loved it).

There’s not a lot to say that really captures everything, so we’ll just say “Thank you” and hope all of you soldiers out there, lost to us or not, understand that we mean it from the bottoms of our hearts.

Thank you, Drew. We continue to miss you dearly.

The Nuttalls with the surfboard gift.

Remembering Drew: The Photo Book

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In an effort to capture some of the essence of Drew’s wonderful life and make it easier for us all to remember him, we’ve created this photo book:

Drew's photo book

Please feel free to look at the online version and order one if you like it (best to create your own Shutterfly account as they give you discounts once you upload some of your own photos).

Thanks to everyone who provided content for the book, and hopefully some of you find some happiness or comfort from it.

God bless Nutts.

Remembering Andrew: Raising the header & unveiling the memorial at Cayoosh Ranch

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On a beautiful weekend in July (July 23-25, 2010 to be exact) many of Andrew’s closest family, friends, and military friends made the trek to Alexis Creek along the Chilcotin River, a little more than 100 km West of Williams Lake.

The destination was the Nuttall’s ranch, where Andrew, his brother, and his father had spent only a few memorable times together since Richard had bought the place a few years ago. It is a place that’s rugged and beautiful, and both Andrew and John understood and enjoyed in the same way their father had when he decided to purchase it. In the memorable times they spent there they had discussed plans for the future of naming the ranch, putting a header with a sign to welcome visitors, and eventually building a cabin so that they could return regularly and spend quality time together in the years to come.

On this weekend, though, we were all there to remember and honour Andrew. We did this by meeting each other if we hadn’t met before, reminiscing about our relationships with Drew, hearing about the varying and different experiences we had all had with him, and helping do what turned out to be one of his last requests to his Dad in their final phone call: to finally put up the sign that identified the ranch.

So on Saturday that’s exactly what we did. A few people - including members of Andrew’s platoon, fellow officers, Andrew’s father, brother, and aunt, among others - spoke to help us remember Andrew fondly and mark the occasion.

With the header already raised, we watched as two members of Andrew’s platoon attached the sign bearing the name “Cayoosh Ranch”; Cayoosh is a Native term that apparently refers to a strong Indian mountain horse, and the Chief of the Native reserve that is next door to the ranch claimed that it was an appropriate name for Andrew, and that his people related to the loss as they are a warrior nation themselves and have also lost many in their storied history.

Finally, a granite monument memorial to Andrew was unveiled. This monument will be there long after any of us, and will keep Andrew’s memory alive even beyond our own vivid memories of him.

We all stayed as long as we could in the heat to keep the moment alive as long as possible, and then slowly dispersed back to the neighbour’s place where the platoon was camped out and family and friends were staying in and around the cabin. The Nuttalls gave out medallions commemerating the occasion and a few other stories and more private presentations happened just before lunch.

That afternoon, and later into the night, the party went on, and we all got to know each other better by sharing a few beers and stories, and even doing a group beer shotgun (or maybe more than one) in Andrew’s honour.

The following day the platoon went into Williams Lake where a group of locals had prepared lunch and a ceremony to show how much they appreciated what the boys had been doing overseas.

It was a great weekend - one that Drew would have loved to attend himself, but I think we all knew he was somewhere watching and smiling at us, happy we were getting to know each other and remembering all of the good times we had shared with him.

See some pictures of the event here:

Remembering Andrew: A Hero Workout and BBQ Birthdays

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Well, I think I finally have the events that will be taking place this weekend all sorted out, so here it goes:

There are two events to remember Drew happening this Saturday, June 26th, which is his birthday. This would have been his 31st birthday, same as me. :(

Drew - Crossfit

CF Wall 1 CF Wall 2

Event #1: Andy Nutts Day @ Crossfit Vancouver

June 26 @ Crossfit Vancouver (1340 East 3rd Ave., Vancouver, BC) : 11 am - late

From the horse’s mouth:

Post from June 6, 2010:

Plans for Andy Nutts Day are progressing nicely. I know many of you never met Andy. You would have loved him.

Our celebration of his life falls on his birthday, June 26th. It is going to be a hell of a day.

Andy worked tirelessly to promote Crossfit where ever he went, his contribution to the fitness of the Canadian military was especially noble. So to honor his commitment I am asking each of you to grab someone who could benefit from fitness and our community and bring them to our workout for newbies on the 26th. Make a difference!

We will be starting at 11am. The newbie you bring out will be coached on the movements, warmed up then given a number picked out of a hat. They will then have to choose their partner (can’t dance with the person who brought ya). #1 chooses first among all the veterans lined up in front of them, then #2 and so on. It will be interesting to see if new people can spot the fittest and make the right choice.

The workout will be something with simple movements and no so long or intense but will probably give your friend a good dose of the medicine. smile

Winning team gets their names on the “Nutts cup”.

Then we will have the individual competition open to any member of CF Vancouver.

We will do the NUTTS hero workout. 1st place for both Men and Women get their names engraved on the cup. Second place gets a commemorative medal.


The real fun begins………LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

BBQ and after party.

To attend the party (best local DJ’s spinning grooves) you must bring a single person. Free drink if you bring a female. smile

Andy would have loved that!!!

Get on it now!!! See you all on Saturday the 26th.

Post from June 16, 2010:

1) The format for the 2 man/woman event on the 26th of June has changed (Thank Tank, his big blue heart couldn’t stand watching someone get picked last)………We are going to spin the bottle and let Nutts decide who the teams are. smile

2) Andy’s parents will be there to hand out the Nutts CUP. They are really great people, really fun and dynamic. Come out to support them in the celebration of their son’s life.

3) There is a sign up sheet in the gym: This guy died for our country, the least we can do is show respect for his life. If 7 people show up it will be a fucking travesty of all things good.

4) Intoduction to Crossfit for the newbies starts at 11am. Individual competition is at 1pm

5) BBQ kicks off at 2:30pm

6) Party is at 9pm. Bring a single friend. Free drink for both of you if it is a female. smile Andy would have loved that feature. smile

It is going to be a real fun upbeat day.

GIDDYUP….see you all on the 26th


Birthday BBQ with Drew

Event #2: Beach & BBQ Birthday for Scott, Matt, & Drew

Saturday, June 26 @ Spanish Banks : 11 am - evening

This second event is less of a formal one, but would also have been near and dear to Drew’s heart as well. For the few years while Drew was in Vancouver, him, Matt Gustafson, and myself always tried to celebrate our birthdays together as they fell within 5 days of each other. We did this a few times in White Rock via BBQs and softball games, as well as beach BBQs featuring volleyball, cups, and a lot of good people.

This year we’re going to try and re-create that beach BBQ atmosphere in honour of Drew and all he did and was to many of us. This is the first birthday Matt and I will be celebrating in the last ~7 years when Drew wasn’t either an arm’s length or a phone call away, so we want to make sure he’s front and center in our hearts and minds while we spend time with our friends and reflect on another year gone by.

Assuming the weather is good, it should be going on all day at Spanish Banks. Look for a Canadian flag and the blue and yellow volleyball net.

I realize that there’s a bit of a conflict with two events going on, but it just means you have double the chance of remembering Andrew. I would highly recommend you attend the Andy Nutts Day at Crossfit Vancouver and either do the workout at 1 pm and/or learn about Crossfit at 11 am. After that, either party should be a lot of fun and who knows - perhaps the parties will merge into a single one if the stars align!

Note that getting a hero workout named after you is a HUGE honour and I can’t tell you how thrilled Drew would have been about it. Special thanks to Craig Patterson for putting in an awful lot of work to get this to happen.

So on Saturday (the day 31 years ago that brought Drew into the world and to all of us) if you are at any of these events or not, take a moment to think about a true Canadian hero and one of the best friend/son/brother/cousin/etc. that many of us have ever had, and quietly or loudly say to him and those around you, “God Bless Nutts”.

Remembering Andrew: The Nutts Cup, Surfing Edition

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We’ve been informed that the Nova Scotia Surfing Association is going to present a cup they also call “the Nutts Cup”, at their next annual surfing contest on April 10 known as the “Nor’Easter”.

The cup will be awarded to the surfer having the most fun, and is representative of Andrew’s fun-loving nature and love of all sports, especially including surfing.

Just more proof of the effect Andrew had on people. See the picture below of Andrew (on the left) and his brother Johnny on a memorable surf trip to Tofino, BC.

Missing you always…

Remembering Andrew: The 2010 Nutts Cup Hockey Tourney

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Many efforts are being made to remember Andrew and keep his spirit alive. This is the first of a number of posts documenting the events and memorials his friends and family have organized or will be organizing.

Here are the details of the Nutts Cup that got sent into Hockey Night in Canada:

The Guts Cup is an annual outdoor hockey tournament that’s been played by members of the Guts recreational men’s league hockey team out of Vancouver, BC since 2003. It’s a celebration of the friendships amongst team members and the spirit of the game played outdoors amongst the mountains that’s a truly Canadian experience. Past tournaments have been played in Manning Park, the Mile High Resort outside of Meritt, and now the Apex Ski Resort near Penticton.

Andrew attended the Guts Cup for a few years prior to beginning his service where he had some great and memorable times and made an impression on everyone. Each year once the tournament is complete the group comes up with an annual tourney name to put on the trophy along with the names of that year’s winners. In previous years it’s been known as “The Controversy Cup” and “The Cowboy Cup” among others, and this year we’ll be proactively naming the tournament “The Nutts Cup”, in honour of our beloved friend Andrew. He’ll have his name engraved as an honorary team member of the winning team as another way to remember him for the great friend he was and the hero he is.

We will all miss Andrew at this year’s tournament, and those who knew him well will never stop missing him. Andrew was the best of us, and he represented those unselfish Canadian ideals overseas in his attempt to make a difference and help those who are suffering injustice and tyranny. He risked himself to protect all of us, and the way of life we’re all privileged to enjoy. He is a true Canadian hero.

The tournament was a great success, and many of us felt Andrew’s presence there. We knew it for sure, though, when Andrew’s brother John led his team to victory against all odds. It was only fitting that in the first Nutts Cup Johnny and Andrew would have their names on it together, with the rest of the winning team.

Until next year…

R.I.P. Andrew

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Andrew Nuttall - R.I.P.




With profound sorrow, we announce that Andrew died on December 23, 2009.

Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, or ‘Andy’, ‘Drew’ or ‘Nutts’ as he was known, was killed while leading his men in 12 Platoon, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, in Afghanistan. 

Andy started his personal website, ‘’,  in 2002. His family and friends have decided to maintain and develop in his memory as an ongoing tribute to him. We will be posting new pictures, music, announcements, and other material.

If you have any content or updates that you think might help us all continue to remember Andrew, please email andynutts at

Richard Nuttall.





Update from Afghanistan 4

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(I’ve put some more pictures up on flickr!)

Hi all!

In order to be as open as I can i’m now going to post these updates on my website, although I am going to have to be a bit less specific, but i promise it won’t take away from the story. As well I’m posting some new pictures with this update so it should be a good one!

The last I left you was saying I was moving to a new house with no internet. Well many things have changed, yet many things stay the same. The new place was working out excellently for us, and a platoon of ANA (afghan national army) which we started to work with very closely. We spent many long days fixing and improving our compound, as well as the typical patroling around our AO. The situation around this new home was much more tense and fragile than our last, the last time the locals saw any uniformed troops was some americans who ran through the place guns blazing. As such they were quite wary, and so were we because of the high amount of insurgent presense we were expecting. Either way though during all of the days we’ve spent there nothing kinetic (aka fighting) has gone on, and that is relatively typical of the situation here. On one side the people are frightened, impoverished, and seek nothing but safety and prosperity for their families. On the other side is a very small subset of a combination of extreme Salafist muslims (aka seeking to impose an extremist version of islam on the entire world), anti-western mercenaries, and misguided brainwashed (generally) youths that utilize cowardice hit-and-run and ied tactics in order to sway the civilain population of afghanistan and north america to pull their troops out. Then there is us in the middle, an array of nations trying to combine our traditionally conventional forces and conduct combined operations with the young but capable ANA (and young but immature Afghan National Police, ANP), in a barren country with many more needs than just militaristic. Complicated, yes, confusing, only a bit, frustrating, unfortunatly too much.

But back to my situation, I spent my first bit of time there talking a lot to the locals together with the ANA. One of our biggest force multipliers is the combined arms team we’ve got working together, the CIMIC people (aka reconstruction and projects), PSYOPS (aka local messaging), engineers, armoured people, and the afghan government (ANA and ANP). Together we can really do some good, when the people are on board. Sometimes the people aren’t as what was happening with me, either their frightened or don’t realize what we can do and it takes time to convince them through actions that we are there to stay and not gone with the next change in winds. So as I was beginning to make some heady with the locals and get more information/weapon and ied caches and such, the platoon recieved another surprise. We had to move another time!

Now usually moving around is no big deal, but it definetly throws a wrench into the plans (plus we’ve got to fit in our foosball table!). Either way we found ourselves moving not too far down the road, which works out well as the new place is close to the village we’re trying to improve and is more comfortable. I tried to include as many pictures of the place we’re in now, most of the troops live in the mud hut, while the hq staff is outside in the tent. The mud hut themselves are only a bit dusty (and mouse infested), but are really warm at night and cooler during the day (perfect for afghanistan weather). Plus we’re slowly building up some other nice morale boosting amenities, warm water for showers, a dvd player, a gym with actual weights (instead of sandbags), and of course we’ve got the foosball table and dart board plus many board games. The longer we stay here the better it gets.

The other big event that happened was Eid. Its the muslim version of christmas, all of the locals will go home with their families and cook big meals. I had the lucky chance to be at 2 different Eid dinner celebrations with the ANA, where we butchered some local goat and sheep, boiled it in a curry like water, and had it with the best tasting basil i’ve had, of course lots of rice, and huge pomogranetes for desert. Wow it was so delicious, and so much food we all were stuffed! (Though i missed out on the heart and liver soup, and brain pate. Apperently it was delicious, i wanted to try).  After the first Eid meal there was a big dance party, the ANA put on a very scratchy speaker with the usual shrieky arab music. That is when the night started getting a bit gay, you could see that some of the ANA probably joined for the booty, luckily i had to run to attend to the radio. On the second Eid dinner afterwards we sat around and talked for almost 2 hours, it actually was fun sharing stories and jokes.

Another big (ish) piece of news that some of you may know already, but my tour is being extended over here. Since canada seems determined to pull out at the end of 2011, their going to extend the last three tours, starting with mine. The effect they’ve told us is only a 3 week extension. But from what I can infer, the effect it will have on me will turn my 6 month tour into almost 8 months. Since I have to be the first one in and last one out, I’m guessing i’ll be back sometime mid June (though thats a total guess now). All of us here (including me) are not worried about this extention. We all believe in what we’re doing and an extra few weeks isn’t going to hurt anyone in the long run (as long as we maintain our vigilance of course). Plus if I end up getting home then, i’ll get to celebrate my b-day with lots of friends and family. Also loop my post-deployment leave into summer leave and get my vacation mustache growing! Heh, but that is waay far away and i’m really not thinking of that. I tend to look about 72hrs to a week out, keeps me from getting distracted.

Well, i’m off back to the command post to get back to the battle. I can’t believe that its almost December, feels like time is flying! Though its getting really cold now. The nights and morning it might even be 0 and even during the middle of the day its not super intense hot (though still those of us not on mission will try to get some rays on our pasty white farmer-tans). There’s even been a couple big rain and thunderstorms, very surprising as they came up really fast, though don’t usually last long (max an hour), and its nice to wet the ground and get the dust down. Though after we see lots of local activity as they will get out and tend to their crops because water is definetly a scarce commodity that these people are very efficient users of.

Thank you very much everyone for your emails and care packages! I will do my absolute best to answer every message, and every package recieved feels like christmas! (Actually my first happy day here was when i got a nice care package from a grandmother in greenwood, ns. A random one i definetly was not expecting, but definetly a huge lift of the spirits).  Keep sending me updates of all of the great times you will have in the winter. I hear that the west coast is getting an early snow, thats fantastic, wish i could be the for the snowboarding! Please all stay healthy and live everything to the fullest!!

Much love to all, andrew