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Nutts Cup Crossfit Tournament 2012

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Better late than never: the 2012 Nutts Cup Crossfit Tourney was more successful than ever, raising a ton of money for a good cause, bringing in buddies of Andrew’s in the Canadian Forces from out of province, and celebrating Andrew’s life and remembering him through a competition both fun and inspiring.

Pictures say a thousand words…

The three winning teams. The first place team was from CrossFit Calgary.

Members of the PPCLI team from Edmonton are encouraged by Sgt. Pete Devries and Sgt. Kevin Lincez.

Members of the PPCLI from Edmonton. Five of these men were in Andrew’s platoon, 12 Platoon.

Members of the PPCLI, with Jane and Rick, and the winning team on the far right.

Jane and Rick, Andy’s cousin Lindsay, and members of the PPCLI.

Check out the page re-capping the event.

Thanks again, Drew, for inspiring us and helping us remember what’s important in this life.

Happy birthday Drew - we’ll see you at the 2012 Nutts Cup Crossfit competition!

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Happy birthday to a Canadian hero many of us knew and continue to love, and will miss always.

Every year around this time you were always surrounded by those who loved you most, and we’re all thinking about you and remembering those times again. Wish you were here buddy.

On another note around remembering Andrew, the 2012 Crossfit Nutts Cup competition is going to be held on August 11 at Crossfit Vancouver. This is an amazing event that’s grown beyond expectation - if you can make it either as a spectator, supporter, or competitor, you will definitely enjoy it and have an opportunity to keep Andrew’s memory alive and well. For information on the event as it unfolds, go to the Facebook page:

They managed to raise over $8,000 for the event the last time I checked with them, but are on track to have even more by the time the event occurs. They also have a beautiful, shiny trophy this year along with all of the other prizes - check it out:

Nutts Cup Crossfit competition trophy

As always - God Bless Nutts.

Remembering Andrew: Guts/Nutts Cup 2012 Hockey Tournament

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Guts/Nutts Cup 2012 Logo

What was originally an outdoor shinny hockey weekend limited to members of the Guts Hockey team out of Vancouver has grown in meaning and size since we lost Andrew in December 2009. The tournament that followed that January was then renamed to the “Guts/Nutts Cup” in memory of Andrew, who many of the members of the Guts hockey team knew and loved.

This year it was bigger and better than ever, with over 50 guys taking over the entire hostel at the Apex Ski Resort and commandeering the outdoor rink across the parking lot for the entire weekend of March 8-11.

The tournament is about hockey in its purest, most Canadian form (e.g. outside!) and about having a great time with old and new friends. But it’s now also about remembering Andrew and stands as a symbol of one of the things Andrew was fighting for: our very Canadian way of life and taking a weekend to enjoy the benefits of it by spending time competing and having fun, and doing it in the most Canadian way possible.

This year the winners were the Hearts, who beat out the heavily favoured Diamonds with a combination of grit and skill. Andrew’s father Rick dropped the puck for the final game and watched from the sidelines while Drew’s good buddies from the Canadian Forces, Bryce Talsma and Wayne Niven helped their team take home the Cup in their first ever appearance at the tournament.

Hearts - the winning team!

Much like January 2010 when Andrew’s brother Johnny took home the trophy in an emotional and unexpected win with his underdog team, we felt like Andrew was there helping his “army boys” along to their big win, and participating in the celebrations later.

God bless Nutts.

Click here for more pictures of the tournament.

2 years ago today we lost Andrew.

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I don’t think there’s a lot to say today that hasn’t already been said over the past two years. There were many events this year where Andrew was honoured and remembered, and it’s clear that his memory is and will continue to be strong among all those who love him and are inspired by him. Rather than listing them all here, browse the past posts which document many of the wonderful and inspiring events many of us participated in over the last 12 months.

Today is a day that many of us wish we didn’t have marked in the calendars in our hearts, but it’s another opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in the wonderful memories we have of Andrew, and those can never be taken from us even if Andrew was.

Re-watch Ken Anderson’s video that was posted last year at this time:

Remembering Andrew: The Meritorious Service Medal

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It’s funny how you keep making us proud, Andy.

Andrew has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada. The medal recognizes individuals for their outstanding professionalism and bringing honour to Canada and its military.

This is a great honour and reminds us again how great a man Andrew was and how much we’ve all lost in losing him. The Citation reads:

Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, M.S.M. (Posthumous)

Victoria, British Columbia

Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

“As a platoon commander from October 2009 until December 23, 2009, Lieutenant Nuttall moulded his soldiers into a cohesive team that excelled in Afghanistan’s demanding environment. His professionalism while working and living with his Afghan comrades created a common understanding and enabled seamless integration during counter-insurgency operations. While the loss of Lieutenant Nuttall was devastating, the culture and esprit de corps forged under his leadership were instrumental in enabling his soldiers to successfully continue their mission.”

For more information, see The Governor General’s Press Release.

Also see the article covering the event.

Note that the picture above is of Andrew’s new gravestone, which indicates this honour by presenting him as “Andrew Richard Nuttall - Lieutenant, M.S.M.”

We’re so proud of you Drew, and we miss you always.

God Bless Nutts.

Remembering Andrew: Remembrance Day 2011 in Victoria

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Remembrance Day is always tough for those of us who have lost loved ones in the line of combat. This year, like last year, many of us gathered together in Victoria to remember Drew and honour him and all of the fallen soldiers. Getting together is always both joyful (in the memories) and painful (in the reminder), but none of us would have wanted to be anywhere else.

I’ve uploaded some pictures from the day on Drew’s Flickr account here.

Remembering Andrew: Nutts Cup Crossfit Competition 2011

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A long overdue post regarding the details and success of this year’s Nutts Cup Crossfit event. It was a fantastic day and was bigger and better than ever - everyone had a great time and it was fierce competition.

Many of Andrew’s friends and family attended, and we all bonded during a day that Drew would have loved - one that honoured him and his passions for fitness, determination, and living life to the fullest.

I will let the pictures and comments from the Crossfit folks tell the story:

Flickr Photos

Crossfit Blog: Nutts Cup Recap

WOD HOG: Nutts Cup Quick Recap

Crossfit Blog: Inspiration, Where do you get yours from?

Crossfit Blog: Remembrance Day Nutts Hero WOD

2011 Nutts Cup Crossfit event details

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From Andrew’s Father:

Hi all:

Just to let you know what is happening this Saturday (August 27) at CrossFit Vancouver (or at least as far as we know what is happening!).

Craig Patterson has organized quite an event this year, and has 30 teams coming from BC, Alberta, Washington and Oregon, competing for $5000 in prize money for a ‘Hero Workout’.

The opening ceremony is at 9 am. I understand they will have a band, a few speeches, moment  of silence, etc. From the PPCLI in Edmonton, the Commanding Officer is coming over, plus two from Andrew’s platoon.

The event will run till about 3 pm, when the cup will be presented. Following this there is a pig roast outside, and later in the evening a party.

If any of Andrew’s friends might like to know about this, please pass it on.

All the best.

Rick Nuttall.

Second annual Memorial Nutts Cup Crossfit Competition scheduled for August 27

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See the details on the 2nd annual Nutts Cup Crossfit Competition here, on the Crossfit Vancouver page:

Second Annual Memorial ‘Nutts Cup’: $5000 prize money up for grabs!

Drew doing his thing

Many of you probably remember that Andrew was honoured with a Crossfit “Hero” workout last year (scroll down to find Andrew’s workout among the other fallen heroes who also have their own workouts, go see the details here), and this event incorporates that workout into a competition and celebration of Andrew’s life.

To get a flavour of the event that took place last year, check out this blog posting.

If anyone wants to donate any cash or prizes to help continue to make this an even bigger and better event, please contact Craig Patterson.

It’s a great event and honours Drew is a great way, so take part or contribute in some way if you can!

Remembering Andrew: Rick & Jane visit Afghanistan

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From Rick:

As you may know, Jane and I travelled to Kandahar with the Canadian Forces March 15 to 23 as part of the next-of-kin program where the forces take out family members of the fallen. We travelled with 15 other family members. We were shown the operation in some detail, and were able to touch the ground and breathe the air where Andy lived and died. We both found it helpful.

We took many, many photos, but the following are six that stood out. These photos were taken around one of the events where there was an impressive and moving ceremony at the Canadian Monument to the Fallen, which occurred on Sunday morning, March 20. This monument is to be moved back to Canada at the end of the mission in a few months, and will be erected in Ottawa.

(Incidentally, we ran into Ashley who had been posted to Kandahar, and we invited her to participate in the wreath laying ceremony.)

1. Jane and Rick in front of the Canadian Task Force Headquarters in Kandahar.

Jane and Rick in front of the Canadian Task Force Headquarters in Kandahar.

2. The Canadian Monument to the Fallen which is in front of the Headquarters.

The Canadian Monument to the Fallen which is in front of the Headquarters.

3. Jane and Rick with Ashley Atkins at the Canadian Monument.

Jane and Rick with Ashley Atkins at the Canadian Monument.

4. Jane, Rick and Ashley.

Jane, Rick and Ashley.
5. Jane and Rick laying a wreath for Andrew.

Jane and Rick laying a wreath for Andrew.

6. In Memory of Lt. Andrew R. Nuttall.

In Memory of Lt. Andrew R. Nuttall.