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Remembering Andrew: Remembrance Day

December 23rd, 2010 Posted in Personal/Website

Remembrance Day meant more to many of us this year than it ever had. When it hits as close to home as it has for some of us, you really understand why the day is so important for so many people personally, and more generally the amazing respect the country pays to our fallen protectors and the empathy we feel for the sacrifices of those we don’t know but will never forget.

This first Remembrance Day was a tough one for a lot of us but many of us were able to come together in Victoria and pay our respects. See some of the photos here of the Nuttall family visiting some sites with dedications to Drew as well as some of the friends and family that visited the Nuttall house on Remembrance Day and some of the gifts that were given (the surfboard was really amazing - Drew would have loved it).

There’s not a lot to say that really captures everything, so we’ll just say “Thank you” and hope all of you soldiers out there, lost to us or not, understand that we mean it from the bottoms of our hearts.

Thank you, Drew. We continue to miss you dearly.

The Nuttalls with the surfboard gift.

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