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Mark Ronson & Lily Allen - Stop Shop (Nuttman Edit)
download MP3 here, 1:34min, 2.17MB
A quick little edit I did of a fabulously produced Lily Allen song by Mark Ronson. That beat is gangsta!

Junkie XL - Riddick (Nuttman Remix)
download MP3 here, 3:35min, 4.98MB
A breakbeat mix that I really like. The original music I took from a mini-song Junkie XL made for the credits in the animated Chronicles of Riddick movie. Then I tried to make it into a proper slammin’ breakbeat tune. I’m hoping to put more time into it soon and give it some more depth & length, but I’ll let you know soon.

Nicky Black Market & DJ Lux - Bond (Nuttman Remix)
download MP3 here, 4:00min, 7MB
A quick little re-edit of this snazzy drum & bass tune. I want to put in more James Bond samples into the mix, nut its playable as is.

DJ Mixes

Soupy Hot Lunch Breakz (Feb ‘06)
download MP3, (breakbeats, progressive) 76min 139MB

DrohoTrance 3 (Dec ‘07)
download MP3, (trance, progressive) 54min 74MB