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Remembering Andrew: The Meritorious Service Medal

December 14th, 2011 Posted in Personal/Website

It’s funny how you keep making us proud, Andy.

Andrew has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada. The medal recognizes individuals for their outstanding professionalism and bringing honour to Canada and its military.

This is a great honour and reminds us again how great a man Andrew was and how much we’ve all lost in losing him. The Citation reads:

Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall, M.S.M. (Posthumous)

Victoria, British Columbia

Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division)

“As a platoon commander from October 2009 until December 23, 2009, Lieutenant Nuttall moulded his soldiers into a cohesive team that excelled in Afghanistan’s demanding environment. His professionalism while working and living with his Afghan comrades created a common understanding and enabled seamless integration during counter-insurgency operations. While the loss of Lieutenant Nuttall was devastating, the culture and esprit de corps forged under his leadership were instrumental in enabling his soldiers to successfully continue their mission.”

For more information, see The Governor General’s Press Release.

Also see the article covering the event.

Note that the picture above is of Andrew’s new gravestone, which indicates this honour by presenting him as “Andrew Richard Nuttall - Lieutenant, M.S.M.”

We’re so proud of you Drew, and we miss you always.

God Bless Nutts.

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