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Experts hack power grid in no time

April 10th, 2008 Posted in Science & Technology, Security

Pretty cool job to get hired to break through a companies security and get paid for it! (Sounds like that old 90s movie Sneakers)

“Cracking a power company network and gaining access that could shut down the grid is simple, a security expert told an RSA audience, and he has done so in less than a day. Ira Winkler, a penetration-testing consultant, says he and a team of other experts took a day to set up attack tools they needed then launched their attack, which paired social engineering with corrupting browsers on a power company’s desktops. By the end of a full day of the attack, they had taken over several machines at the unnamed power company, giving the team the ability to hack into the control network overseeing power production and distribution.”

(Network World article)

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